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The Internet of Things has opened up a new, virtually inexhaustible source of technical innovations, which are equally valuable for a broad variety of industries. Applying smart connected devices, sensors, and gateways to control each part of the production process, manufacturing and infrastructure companies are dramatically increasing their operational efficiency. At the same time, the consumer tech market has exploded with abundance of smart products and spin-off cloud services that they brought to life.

IoT for HealthCare

Life saving IoT medical applications that are changing the environment of health care today

Iot HealthCare Solutions

Our aim is to provide medical professionals, patients, and consumers worldwide with mobile-powered devices, data, and analysis to identify, prevent, and manage life-altering diseases from anywhere in the world.

We have been partnering with various sensor / device manufactures and buiilding software applications that will help analyse, prevent, asses and manage patient condition with better diagnostics.

We have developed a clinical-quality, low-cost mobile ECG device, which enables patients to monitor heart health anywhere, at any time, and provides physicians with a heart health assessment tool.

We are currently working with various hospitals in Asia to implement IoT soultions and improve the overall patient healthcare management practice.

IoT for Fleet

The IoT revolution in Fleet Management technology enables safer, cleaner, more cost-effective fleet operation.

Fleet Solution for Various Industries

Our Fleet management solution is currently being offered for  various indutries like, Airports, Transportaion, Constuction,  Shipping and Schools. 

We have built various solutions from ground up, implementing various sensors, that provide scale, connectivity, security, control and analytics. Our IoT solution is secure, reliable and efficient keeping fleets updated and on the road as much as possible.

Our fleet solution provides a comprehensive tablet with built in propritory app that will provide, vehicle information, driver information, location information, and various security aspects like remote control  the vehicle and third eye capabilities.

Our cutting edge IoT solutions are being currently implemented in various airports and transportation companies in Asia.

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