Referral Program

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Referral Reward Policy

Looking for more ways to boost your income? Beyond what you can earn as a AQUAINSYS employee, you will be able to earn additional money by referring projects and people to us.

As AQUAINSYS employee you now have a tremendous opportunity when you introduce your extraordinary friends, family members, and peers to career opportunities at AQUAINSYS. If your eligible referrals apply and are hired, you'll receive up to $1,000! In order to qualify for the payment, your name must be listed by your referral during the application process.

The Employee Referral Program pays up to $1,000 every time one of your eligible employee referrals is hired into an Employee Referral Program eligible position at AQUAINSYS.

Who are eligible to receive referral payments?

All employees are eligible except for the following:

  • The hiring manager or individuals involved in the selection process for a specific position
  • Staff who are in the final counseling or dismissal steps of the corrective action process
  • Employees who are on unpaid leave
  • Members of Human Resources and staff with human resources responsibilities
Who is not eligible to be considered for referral?

People in the following capacities are not eligible to be considered an applicant through the Referral Program:

  • Hourly and per diem appointees.
  • Referrals who are current or previous AQUAINSYS employees
  • New graduates with less than twelve months experience (maybe paid referal for substantial talent)
  • Human Resources reserves the right to evaluate program eligibility on a case-by-case basis
How are referral payments made?

Your referral payment will be made like this:

  • $500 is paid after your referred employee completes new employee orientation.
  • $500 is paid after your referred employee completes probation or six months

In order to be eligible to receive a referral payment, you and your referral must be employed by the University, in good standing, and in pay status at the time payment is to be made.

Referral payments are paid through the payroll process and are subject to all applicable deductions and taxes. Referral payments are reported as income for tax purposes.